Totem is a tribe of thinkers, doers, and makers.
A hive cross-pollinating, brimming with talent:
art directors and producers, designers and writers,
musicians and filmmakers, painters and poets,
collaborating to craft bespoke visual experiences.
our principles

We commute by magic carpet. Exchange trade boundaries
in for seamless omni-channel narrative experiences.
This isn’t advertising. Tune in to an audience’s lifestyle to captivate
the viewer and contextualize the brand. We gently remind you
that what you like isn’t always what your audience wants.

Make beautiful work that drives business objectives, filtered
through consumer desire. Divas need not apply. Remember that ego
doesn’t produce great content—quality ideas and hard work do.
Why so serious? Despite deadlines and deliverables, there’s always
time to laugh. Take it. We excel at show and tell. Transparency in service
builds the foundation for trust. Shock me with that deviant behavior.
Over-deliver and exceed expectations. Our job is to make the work
look expensive, not be expensive.
We’re 14 people on a budget;
we know you’re on one too. Parents play favorites—we don’t.
Treat every client like they’re our only client.

our tribe

Totem is your creative family — the quirky relatives who
challenge you to defy convention, find a fresh perspective
and keep you laughing along the way. Like any strong tribe
we work as a cohesive crew, with each individual playing a
strategic role. We’re hunters, craftspeople, storytellers
and shamans — just with more traditional titles.

our tools

At Totem, we practice connected creativity, partnering with clients
to develop their unique visual identity and editorial voice.

With the plethora of new technology a brand can now live far beyond four walls
or four corners. Innovation has created a media beast, and the new empowered
customer demands an endless diet of relevant content. Totem leverages
over 20 years of expertise in fashion and retail marketing to craft a unique
approach to visual storytelling. We produce dynamic experiences that create
a thread through the increasingly-fragmented customer journey, serving as
a beacon for your brand in the cultural landscape. We integrate captivating
stories and engaging design to deliver creative with the ultimate impact.
We help show your customers how you see the world.

our offerings

brand discovery / strategy and positioning
photo and video production / art direction
print and web design / copywriting / editorial
print production / social media activation
advertising / brand identity / catalogs / lookbooks
point of sale / web series / short films

photography studio

A premier full-service photography studio, produced by Totem Creative. In-house equipment rental and catering, full bath and shower, 2,000 sq. ft. with 20 ft. ceilings, and a 19’ x 22’ cyclorama with closeable partition wall.

To book a photoshoot call or inquire by email.



Totem Creative LLC

121 Varick Street, Storefront
New York, NY 10013
(212) 235-6510

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